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dreamerdiva223 @ 09:39 pm: Your maintainer.....
Hey everyone!! Sorry i havent been updating here lately..i had some comp issues. I see we have a couple of new members. Pretty good for a C-town Community. I really have nothing to update about Clawson. Its pretty cool tho. I am gonna try and invite some ppl. U should too. I need a promotion banner. I will get working on that soon.

Umm i have sorta become addicted to myspace so you should add me i guess or something:

I guess the only going on in Clawson right now are the football games at 7 pm friday nights. You should go. If there is anything else coming up or going on plz post it!! Oh check out the tennis team too. I know i am pretty biased saying that but its fun times.

<33 Katie

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